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This site provides an in depth knowledge on the different areas of sound.

we teach courses in sound and make v-instruments so you can make fantastic music.

 In our courses we start where everyone else left.

We do try to explain everything in the simplest way, but simple doesn’t mean not thorough enough.

Our North Star is: 


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Advanced Sound Fundamentals

Here you will learn an advanced version of sound, a version that is based on electricity.

You will learn about the levels of sound, mixers, mic connection, cables, DI,  noise and so much more.

You will benefit from this course no matter what level of sound you have.

There are also a lot on info on the computer and how sound is connected in it, drivers and DAW. 

We will make a song from loops in pro-tools and learn to edit the loops.

You don’t want to miss on this course.

The Nine Days

Welcome to the THE NINE DAYS! In this course we’ll be exploring the fundamentals of recording and producing in an in-depth way from the ground up. I go through the material and explain it to the best of my knowledge.

If you wanted to be a fly on the wall in a recording session this is the course for you.

If you have questions on the topics of how to record things in sound? How to gain stage sound? What speakers do I need? what microphone to use? How to work in the DAW? How to work with a live recording? How to record with a microphone and direct? What parts do I need to play now? How to get an electric guitar sound? And much much more…

THE NINE DAYS and ADVANCED SOUND FUNDAMENTALS will give you the ability to record almost any instruments and to produce your own music better.

Mixing Music

Here you will learn how to mix sound. Its very advanced version of learning sound that is unique to us. you will not find it anywhere else.

More on it will come soon. But after years of talking to peoples that learned sound and still can’t truly understand it, I decided to release 4 subjects from my mixing course and explain it the way it needs to be, step by step.

So welcome to the MIXING series! In this series we’ll be exploring 4 of the most known subjects but the least understood in mixing, in a in-depth way from the ground up. The Compressor, The Equalizer, Amp &pre amp and the Medium. I go through all the material that I know is missing in the standard formal education and more in the unformal education in the internet and you-tube.

I have 25 years of experience in sound and electronics and I know how to teach and really love it a lot. this course is for the beginner in sound all the way to the advanced I’m going through everything from the beginning and all the way up to the advanced sound. This course will give a more advanced tools in understanding sound. 

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