Premier Artist Maple drums


Welcome to THE PREMIER ARTIST MAPLE DRUMS product page.

THE PREMIER ARTIST MAPLE DRUMS were recorded in a tight and dry environment with normal drum sticks 1 velocity layer and 24 round robin.

The snare drum is a beautiful black beauty snare.

THE PREMIER ARTIST MAPLE DRUMS will give you great sound, real sounding drums , in general midi (GM).

Recorded in 24 bit 48 kh through great sounding microphones .

“I wanted to leave the drums sound untouched as much as possible, so I did a minimal prosses to the sound, to keep the drums sounding real, yet to have power so you can use it out of the box in your music.

The drums can be processed as you like it without a lot of problem when you mix. you can put your compressors or eq …with ease, there is no process that you need to fight in order to get your sound. I love my drums to be un processed so I can shape my own sound.”

All that’s left is to play the notes, sit back and relax while you hear your parts come to life. Smile and enjoy what you hear through the speakers and the mix. Focus on the great feelings you feel inside, while you’re hear your parts being played to you and to others through the speakers.

The instrument has a requirement for KONTAKT full 6.5.3 and above. Works in KONTAKT player in demo mode (for 15 min)



There are 2 mixer panels in the GUI first mixer is for the kit (bd, snare, toms, hi-hat) the second is for the cymbals.

On the first mixer panel there are also 2 reverbs, one small room and one big room, the reverb is mainly a stone room impulse response that I recorded mixed with another one.

Here on the recordings there is no process on the drums other then the minimal process of the samples, so you can hear how the drums really sound out of the box.

How to use the Premier Artist Maple Drums is explained in the video in this page.


What you get:

  • 24 round robin on most of the kit.
  • cymbals are around 12-21 round robin.
  • 1 velocity layer on all of the samples.
  • 2 impulse responses.

You can listen for examples for the Premier Artist Maple Drums here (soundcloud).

Track # 3 contains some loops I used, so you can hear the drums.

Tracks # 5,6,7 are construction kits loops, that make a song. I added my drums and my bass to them.

The instrument has a requirement for KONTACT full 6.5.3 and above. Works in KONTACT player in demo mode (for 15 min)