THE 9 DAYS-Tools You Need to Record and Produce Music


Welcome to the THE NINE DAYS! In this course we’ll be exploring the fundamentals of recording and producing in an in-depth way from the ground up. I go through the material and explain it to the best of my knowledge.


If you have questions on the topics of how to record things in sound? How to gain stage sound? What speakers do I need? what microphone to use? How to work in the DAW? How to work with a live recording? How to record with a microphone and direct? What parts do I need to play now? How to get an electric guitar sound? And much much more…


If you wanted to be a fly on the wall in a recording session this is the course for you.

THE NINE DAYS and ADVANCED SOUND FUNDAMENTALS will give you the ability to record almost any instruments and to produce your own music better.


I made this course in order to help people make music and to answer questions that people have, for that I recorded one of my songs, the recording was done “live”. I didn’t know what are the parts that I’m going to play or what instruments. All I wanted is to say what I have in my head in the moment it comes, so I can talk on all the things we need to know just as we need it, and answer all the questions I have in my head out loud for you. all of my thoughts and knowledge is in that course.


This course is built upon the knowledge that I have in my Advanced Sound Fundamentals course, on the connections, mixer, pro tools, the computer, tape… as a base so I will not repeat all the knowledge I touched there. I use pro tools but you can use any DAW you want.

I have edited the files minimally, that means they are long. and I separated the files so you have only one subject in one file, so you can always jump to the next video when you got it. And if you didn’t get any subject, you can keep watching as much as you need to truly understand it. Some time as I go I will touch the subject from a different angle. (This is because I like you to understand it all.)




I took a lot of work to do this course and I hope you will like it, and I hope it will help you do better music with it. Theos two courses are the starting point to my mixing course. it’s a unique course that I teach like no one else (at this point) how to mix. There are 4 books on the subject of mixing in my shop they are the most known subjects but the less understood ones. They are only a part of what you need to know about mixing in order to mix on your own.

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