The EQ book


Welcome to the equaliser course of our MIXING series! In this series we’ll be exploring 4 of the most known subjects but the least understood in mixing, in a in-depth way from the ground up. I go through all the material that I know is missing in the standard formal education and more in the unformal education in the internet and you-tube.

Let me start with a misconception on the equalizer which is the equalizer is fixed. That means you need to do so and so. The problem with the equalizer is that the ear is always moving with the eq. this is the reason why a day after we do the mix we hear to many hi end frequency, it’s to bright, its brighter then what we heard a day before.

The reason is this, the moment we touch (move) the eq our ear also moves with it. So when we play with the eq to find our setting, to find the right parameters we like to change, we also change with it. this is why it’s always seem to us we don’t have enough eq because “more is always better”. So everything is always moving and in the next day our ear, after a rest, go back to “it’s right place” and then it’s obvious to us that we have a lot of hi end.

The problem with the eq (and everything in mixing) is to know what you want to do before you even touch the eq. And this comes after you practice in the right way for some time on eq even without any mixing. So the faster we get to the setting we want the better. I tell you right now don’t practice on pink noise it’s not good for the ears. This I read somewhere that one of the mixer engineer said that if he listen to pink noise for a few seconds he can’t do a mix all of the day.

Throughout these lessons you’ll learn about the different areas of the equalizer, how to use the equalizer, What are the parameters, What is different between the equalizers, filters in the real world and in the electrical world, how to practice and hear the different frequencies , What is the difference in sound in all the equalizers in a live video And much more… everything that you need to know on equalizers to mix sound.

MY RECOMMENDATION, STOP SEARCHING INFORMATION ABOUT EQUALIZERS AFTER YOU LEARN THIS COURSE. I say that so you will understand that mixing is not just one thing, mixing is knowing all the subject (elements) that there is in sound, but most of the time we seek information on the same topic and don’t move to the other topics. You will not understand sound if you will not understand ALL THE TOPICS. After this course you will have one topic less to look for. this course is meant to give you a complete freedom from this topic so you can learn the other topics there is in mixing.

I always thought that everyone knows what I know just because I know it, but then I realized it’s not true. Every time I spoke to someone on a topic in sound, I found out that a lot of information is missing. And then I understand I want to teach it. I want to share this knowledge with the world.


After years of talking to peoples that learned sound and still can’t truly understand equalizers, I decided to release the equalizer subject from my mixing course and explain it the way it needs to be, step by step. I have 25 years of experience in sound and electronics and I know how to teach and really love it a lot. this course is for the beginner in sound all the way to the advanced I’m going through everything from the beginning and all the way up to the advanced sound. This course will give a more advanced tools in understanding sound.