Advanced Sound Fundamentals


Welcome to the Advanced Sound Fundamentals! In this course we’ll be exploring the fundamentals in an in-depth way from the ground up. I go through all the material that I know is missing in the standard formal education and more in the unformal education in the internet and you tube.


If you have questions on the topics of how to connect things in sound? How to gain stage sound? What comes before what? Or why my computer is not behaving right? Or what to buy? Or what is this cable? Or what cable I need?  And much more… this is the course for you.


After years of helping peoples with the same problems, and talking to peoples that learned sound and still can’t truly understand it, and can’t deal with the problems that always happen, I decided to teach all of the fundamentals the way it needs to be, step by step. I have 25 years of experience in sound and electronics and I know how to teach and really love it a lot. this course is for the beginner in sound all the way to the advanced I’m going through everything from the beginning and all the way up to the advanced sound. This course will give a more advanced tools in understanding sound.


Throughout these lessons you’ll learn about the analog world and the digital world: on the mixer and it’s evolution , gain staging , the signal path , how everything is connected , what come before what, inputs and outputs , all the sound cables there is , the DI and why we need it , everything that you need to know on sound to record and fix problems from the perspective of electricity ! We need to know basic electricity in order to truly understand sound.

I found that the most common theme is not understanding the computer basic. So here we will talk on all of the parts we need, and how to choose the right parts for our computer, and what is the most important part of all. And that will give you the understand that you don’t need a super computer to work in sound, if you know how to work in the DAW, you will be able to work with not the latest computer there is.

In these lessons you’ll also learn about the tape how it is connected in the analog world and then we will go in to the digital world and see how all the analog world is represented in it.

We will talk about the DAW, I use pro-tools and drivers in windows.

In pro-tools we will talk about the menus and then we will make a simple song out of loops and add some effects so we will get to know the workflow in it.